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If in the past the lifetime's ambition was to have a high-level job, a beautiful car, and a house, in the future an increasing number of people will instead aim to "live their own life" with joy and lightness.

This trend also affects your look, and therefore your hair.

After several months of forced closures and anxieties related to the health crisis, people are now eager to step outside their boundaries, to play, embrace new experiences and live with emotional momentum.

They need fun, escapism and a healthy dose of good humor, bolder and more joyful styles.

In the last 2 years we have seen the power that personal care and beauty play in people’s lives, but now it’s time for beauty to bring joy: let’s move from self-care rituals to happiness therapy.

With its ability to transform, hair care is perfect for gratifying the desire for experimentation: hair is the ideal means to create playful and expressive looks.

Joyology: hair trend

The symbolic value of hair

In all cultures, hair has a symbolic value.

It is the frame of the face, the area that is first intercepted by the other person and that attracts the most attention.

This is why hair is an immediate means to communicate our identity.

Colors and shades can help consumers to let themselves free and to let go of stress to live their life to the fullest in a fun way.

Consumers need to be encouraged and pushed to play with bold looks and products, allowing them to experience an escape, a mix of new experiences and sensations that can enrich them with happiness and new joy.

It is in the most difficult moments that we are most encouraged to change, and for a woman who wants to change and re-emerge, hair is always the first step.

the symbolic value of the hair

Because hair color represents personality

Hair color is related to personality.

The influence that hair has on a woman’s psyche can be seen in her mood: just a shampoo or a session at the hairdresser helps to increase her self-esteem.

Apart from cuts and hairstyles, however, hair colors speak for us: brown hair, for example, express acceptance and reliability, blonde hair an extroverted and sunny personality, while red is linked to independence.

A particular color can represent the desire to appear different, denote belonging to a group or indicate the search for one’s own identity.

Hair color represent personality

An unrivaled range of hair colors

Whatever shade you choose, Beautynova Elite has the right offer.

Professional products with a high technical content have always been our trademark and our professional hair color lines are its essence.

Our experience results in a very versatile portfolio of technologies, formulas and shades, all characterized by exceptional quality, liveliness, durability, and thus delivering precise results and excellent performance.

In addition, the ability to customize all formulas with the large pool of active ingredients and fragrances available allows you to create a truly unique and tailored line of hair colors for unlimited creativity and in response to the needs of each customer.

An unrivaled range of hair colors

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