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Colouring, Bleaching
and technical products

Over the years, we have developed many different hair colour formulations: with oxidation, ammonia-free, resorcinol-free, paraphenylenediamine-free, direct colours, tone-on-tone and reflective colours. We also offer a variety of solutions regarding consistency: different types of powders, creams, gels, oils and emulsions.

Over the years, to meet the increasingly customised needs of a multicultural clientele, we have developed more than 600 shades: from very light blondes to the most intense darks.
The same applies to more technical products – such as perming, straightening and waving – designed to perform at their best when combined with other complementary products including mousses, preparatory lotions and specific shampoos. Such synergy intensifies and enhances the desired results, thus guaranteeing you the efficiency of an all-round service.

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